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Ken V. Krawchuk

Ken V. Krawchuk is a long-time Libertarian activist who has run for public office nine times, including two record-breaking campaigns for Governor of Pennsylvania.  He is also an award-winning Distinguished Toastmaster, a professional public speaker, and a freelance writer.  His latest novel, Atlas Snubbed (http://AtlasSnubbed.com), is an unsanctioned parody sequel to Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, and highlights many of the flaws in Rand’s Objectivist philosophy.   It is a respectfully serious parody, oxymoronic as that may seem, which introduces a novel political concept, the Separation of Society and State, a very Libertarian alternative to the welfare state and over-regulation. 

 “Anarchy... Then What?”, presented by Libertarian activist Ken Krawchuk, examines how society could evolve from its present statist form to an Agoran one based exclusively on the non-aggression principle.  Citing examples from his latest novel, Atlas Snubbed (http://AtlasSnubbed.com) , Krawchuk explores the three core concepts necessary to reinventing society: the Separation of Society and State, the Separation of Regulation and State, and the Separation of Court and State.

My Speakers Sessions

Sunday, March 1

1:45pm CST