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Elissa Hawke

Australian comedian, musician, yoga instructor and masseuse, Elissa Hawke, most recently crossed over into producing and hosting the WAKEY WAKEY show for The Peoples Voice TV.Elissa will MC the Sat night ¨Roast Of Jeff´´ sprinkled with cocaine sweetening anecdotes from her forthcoming book THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING FREE  - 7 years in the writing, true stories from the front line as an anarchist, non fine paying, non voting, non government co-operating being.  
Elissa shares her learning and techniques to make a living in any community. Through twentytwo countries, life in tents, tambos, hammocks  and mansions, seeking truth, love, freedom, knowledge, experience, (and sex), and avoiding death and taxes... 
To be blown by the wind, an instrument for the improvement of the multiverse. To gift oneself to syncronicity....our birthright, our souls´pledge, are you ready for this.. . .?
At ANARCHAPULCO Elissa will also be hosting Saturday morning beach yoga and astral travel meditation for anyone and everyone! All levels, all shapes and ages! ALL WELCOME! (yes even those still fairly drunk)Please bring a towel