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Dayna Martin

Dayna Martin  has been inspiring others for over a decade by sharing her experience through natural birth, attachment parenting and Unschooling.  She is an activist,  educator and author of, Radical Unschooling: A Revolution Has Begun, and her newest book, Sexy Birth. Dayna was the first to publically come out as an Unschooling parent through the media. This allowed thousands of other parents to proudly live their lives without fear. Although shunned by some  for making their lives public, she has followed her heart and greater mission to free children of the bondage of traditional parenting and education.  The movement of  Unschooling is growing tremendously thanks to her bravery and unrelenting drive to share Unschooling with the world. Dayna believes that keeping Unschooling as a grassroots, secret movement is unrealistic and even damaging in helping to bring more peace into the world. Why live in fear for a choice that is valid, honest and part of the evolution of human rights? Her choice to live out loud is one with powerful inspiration that is changing the world and offering more respect, peace and freedom to families worldwide.